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Service You Can Trust

Family Owned & Operated Accounting & Tax Practice

We are a small, rapidly growing firm. We are available year round to service all your tax needs. We service over 500 individual tax clients during tax season. We also handle payroll and accounting records for over 100 small businesses.
We offer the following services:
  • Accounting and payroll for small Businesses, Corporations, Partnerships, S-Corp Returns, Individual Returns (all of which we file electronically for no additional fee)
  • Tax consultations
  • Help dealing with IRS audits
  • Back taxes owed to IRS
  • Tax planning for individuals or businesses
  • Setting up businesses with the proper entity selection

Sit Down Appointments - Drop Off Returns - Mail Ins

Accounting Services | Individual Tax Return |  Wisley & Williams - tax-consultants-specializing-in-Accounting-and-payroll-for-small-Businesses-Corporations-and-IRS-auditsOur niche product is handling individual tax returns. We offer the conveniences of sit down appointments, drop off returns, or mailing-ins. As a client, when you come in for an appointment, there is no wait. Your tax return will be done properly and in a timely fashion. Most clients' returns are completed within 30-40 minutes. You will receive a professionally done tax return which is guaranteed by Wisley & Williams LLC. In addition, you will receive tax advice on a case-by-case basis, as well as recommendations on tax saving tips and strategies to lessen your annual tax liability.

Affordability - We Beat Out The Rest of The Industry

Our fees for individual tax returns are very affordable. Most large CPA firms start their fees at $250-$300 for a standard tax return and usually require 1-2 weeks for completion.
  • H&R Block or Jackson Hewett offer on-the-spot tax returns, but their fees average 200% above ours.
  • At H&R Block and Jackson-Hewitt, an average 1040A is $200 and a regular 1040 is $300.
  • H&R Block and Jackson Hewitt return preparers are only required to take a ten week training program in order to start filing tax items for the public.
Wisley & Williams has over 25 years of experience, not to mention their minimum requirement for education and training is a Master’s degree in Taxation or you must be a Certified Public Accountant.

All Work is 100% Guaranteed

Wisley & Williams fee for a standard tax return, which is what 90% of the public needs, is only $150. You simply cannot beat that price for professional, accurate and timely service, especially involving something as important as your tax return. Most importantly, we guarantee all of our work.

Save Time and Money with Affordable Payroll Services

Is your small business getting bogged down with paperwork? Any passionate business owner would want his employees to be able to spend as much time as possible providing the best service or product possible, yet the inevitable task of processing...